A subtle but striking architectural design

Résidence Cassiopée is contemporary and dramatic, with classical features that link perfectly to the wooded surroundings.


 Quality and originality

Originality in architecture is as important to a building as the choice of materials and the quality of the construction. That’s why each project developed by Pierre Etoile is a guarantee of quality, as well as a guarantee of originality. Résidence Cassiopée, created by David Weibel Architects, is instantly identifiable by its dramatic façade, which plays with light and shade to create an ever-changing surface.

A façade full of interest

The front face of the building catches the eye with its interplay of light and shade, the shifting effect of mineral-encrusted pebbledash, zigzagging glass balconies and bronze-coloured metallic panels combining to create an effect of ever-changing shapes and shades.



Plenty of green spaces

The landscaped areas follow the forms of the surroundings: lawns in front of the inner face of the building; wooded slopes; private gardens for the ground-floor apartments. The trees planted in the pedestrian zone to the west ensure that this space adds to the character of Avenue de Gilamont, and provides an attractive entrance to the building and the underground car park.